hello i am pai!! unlabeled bi muslim she they kao prns filipino feel free to talk to me in english or tagalog!

likes music, rhythm games, kdramas, sitcom genre, animations, poetry

no way INSECTS, dry texters, insensitive ppl, ppl who tell others they r h0rny STFU NOBODY GAF, fetishizers

byi i might talk about shit (like.. POOP.) & cannibalism alot (sarc, no graphic media), i might talk abt sand, i might spam u, i can b a bit annoying & rude smtimes, sometimes i say whats on my mind so PLS correct or educate me if needed

dni -13/18+ (doesnt apply if i interact 1st), fetishizers, u invalidate neos/genderqueer ppl, incredibly dry, u guilt trip manipulate & gaslight (i will tear u 2 pieces & eat u), u purposely misuse tone tags, basic dni criteria

notes please use tonetags when needed, ask before venting or ranting 2 me! i will let u do it eitherway but please let me know first

music wallows, dayglow, her's, oh wonder, cas, arctic monkeys, iu, txt

media b99, modern family, one day at a time, twilight series (unironically), the umbrella academy, all the bright places, to the bone, five feet apart, 13 reasons why, my heart and other black holes, helluva boss, vampair series (daria cohen), hxh, black clover, b the beginning, eva, blue period

Happy Hopping Bunny Rabbit